3rd International Conference Automotive Cockpit HMI USA 2016

Automated Drive - UX/User Experience - Driver Distraction - Connectivity Solutions - Usability - Multi-Modal Solution

The way drivers interact with their cars is evolving, driven by changes in a number of related domains – personal mobile devices, car technology, consumer electronics, demography and economics.

Therefore the ultimate challenge for HMI experts is the creation of an interface that is engaging, functional, easy to reach and use and not distracting. This has become even more important in the automotive cockpit, where the number of instruments and functions directly accessible to the driver has kept rising steadily over the years.

Introducing more content in the car has increased the complexity of UIs, forcing both OEMs and suppliers to think carefully about their development process. It is difficult to create UIs that are easy to use, not distracting and packed with all the features consumers demand. Car companies are starting to think more and more like electronics and high tech companies. Automotive HMI design has become the ultimate tool for brand differentiation for all automotive segments. The arrival of the connected car and the development of automated driving are main drivers.

Key Topics include:


Understand customer expectations and experiences and the role of HMI to better develop future HMI designs


How can the transition into automated drive be facilitated through an inspiring HMI design? Find out which functionalities can make for an enjoyable automated driving experience


Benefit from the latest research results and usability studies in order to improve how the driver accesses necessary data without distraction


Discover how advanced connectivity solutions and a multi-modal HMI approach are helping to reduce complexity and driver workload


Explore ways how user interfaces can be designed to reduce driver distraction while still responding to consumer demands

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