September 19 - 20, 2018
Sheraton Ann Arbor Hotel, Ann Arbor, MI

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4th Annual Cockpit HMI 2017 Conference Agenda

Key topics for the 2017 edition:

  • UX/User Experience
  • Driver Distraction
  • Multi-Modal HMI Solutions
  • Usability
  • Touchless HMI
  • Automated Drive

Meet 20+ speakers over 3 full days with 35+ technical sessions and 5+ hours of facilitated networking

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Subject to change: What will the interface of the future look like?

This thinkpiece by automotive industry expert and editor at Automotive IQ, Franziska Scheu, examines the requirements consumers have for their connected vehicle interfaces and how these can be realized with further investment in existing technologies.

What technologies will be developed or optimized? Which ones will prove to be an indulgent pursuit of sci-fi fans? Find out more about how existing innovations can be used as solutions for a robust and intuitive automotive interface by downloading the article.

HMI Display Technology Trends

IHS Automotive predicts that the display component market will reach $18.6 billion by 2021, which will give new players the opportunity to jump into the supply chain.

Brian Rhodes, Analyst HMI & Usability at IHS, shares his presentation on the trends in HMI components for automotive displays, including CSDs, Touchscreen, Instrument Cluster Displays, HUDs, and Augmented Reality. Download the presentation to find out the key takeaways, pros and cons of current HMI trends, and how the new automotive user experience and fierce competition from the consumer electronics market will lead to a major shift in the industry. 

Driven to Distraction - How New Tech Will Help You Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Graham Heeps, contributor at Automotive IQ, analyzes how the automotive industry is responding to one of the biggest consequences of connected vehicles, driver distraction.

Download the article to find out what auto makers and suppliers are doing to address this issue, which OEMs are collaborating with what tech companies, and which active and passive safety functions best prevent distracted driving. 

Interview with Google's Golden Krishna

In the lead-up to the 4th Annual Cockpit HMI conference, Automotive IQ sat down with presenter Golden Krishna to discuss his work on Google's design strategy to shape the future of Android, trends in interface design, the challenges of going screenless, and how we can build a technologically advances world without digital interfaces.

Download the interview to find out what makes for great UX!

HMI 2.0 requirements for successful implementation of next-gen ADAS functions

This article describes how automotive HMI is evolving in a hotbed of innovations within the sector, providing an overview of the requirements for the successful implementation of ADAS functions, and the latest technology concepts making waves across the automotive industry.

Human Factors Design Assistance for DVI

Content overview:

  • Analyzing the safety problem
  • Reviewing NHTSA's approach to distraction
  • Overarching goals of HFCV program
  • Objectives and content of DVI Design Assistance
  • Development process and conceptual framework
  • Examples and topics of DVI Design Assistance
  • Update on Driver Distraction Guidelines